Spilling the tea about boxycharm, boxycharm premium and boxycharm luxe 😱

Hola Mis Amores!!!

So as many of y'all know I work at BOXYCHARM! And this month we have had a couple of changes going on so I want it to do like a quick recap about what's new at #Boxycharm (OMG WE HAVE BOXYCHARM PREMIUM) 💜 also I loveeeeed the box of this month and I did a bubblegum doll look using everything from the Nov Boxycharm box that you can check out down below 🌟

Okey so let's spill the t...

What is Boxycharm?


Customization: The first and only box where you test foundation swatches for products better matched to your skin tone.

Choice: Select 1 item in your box every month.

Add-Ons & BoxyPopUp: Shop beauty deals up to 80% off.

Rewards: Redeem FREE beauty products from review & referral Charm points.

What is Boxycharm Premium?

The Boxycharm Premius has Monthly box worth $175 + for $35

- 6-7 full-size beauty products

- Free shipping*

- Choose 1 item every month*

- Early access to Add-Ons and BoxyPopUp*

- Your 1st month: charged $25 for BoxyCharm + $35 for Premium

- After you get activated from the Waitlist, you can cancel either BoxyCharm or BoxyCharm Premium anytime

And what is #Boxyluxe?

December’s Boxycharm Luxe box is worth over $275 for $49.99

- 6-7 full-size beauty, skincare, and lifestyle products

- Free shipping*

- Choose 1 item every month

- Early access to Add-Ons and BoxyPopUp

- Pay $49.99 every BoxyLuxe month. Charge will appear as $25 and $24.99 in your first month

Don't waste more time and subscribe clicking here:


And now….

What was my favorite product of this month?

Honestly, I'm totally in love with the #celestialthunder palette from Dominique cosmetics and I have been using it a lot!! Check out this video I did using all my favorite products from this month!!

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