Release your inner goddess ✨✨

Hello Lovers!!! Happy 2019!

After a very hectic and moving year I feel like I don’t even need to do a recap about what happened, but instead should start setting intentions and goals for this year!

One of my goals for this year would be to release my inner goddess!

yeah I know it sounds weird..... but...

This year I will allow myself to express myself in different ways than what I’ve used to in the city of Miami. I've felt like I was conforming too much to what society and the people around me were telling me to do or wear and that I kinda forgot that I am 100% that bitch and that I am able to play with makeup and clothing and still be me.

Of course, my first blog post of the year would include a look!!! So I was just painting a couple days ago inspired by the amazing @morphinelove and I did this look!!!

A lot of my friends told me I was giving them Selena vibes so I was living my COMOOOOO LA FLOOOOOOOORRRR fantasy lol 😂 let me know what you think of this kinda drag look 👀

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