How to grow a startup business on instagram?

As a startup, you got to be smart about how you spend your hard-earned funds on marketing and other growth strategies for your company. The fact is that everything works technically, whether you are investing in banner ads, Facebook ads or influencer marketing. These can be applied using varying steps and outlined format. The most part of the work is when you have to figure out the best channel that will provide you with just the amount of bucks you want to earn from it.

In doing this, you have to analyze your strength and leverage on it. However, not all tactics can work for you and every other business brand out there. Irrespective of your budget and brand size, Instagram marketing strategy might just be the perfect social marketing strategy you need for your startup.

This is why I want to enlighten you more on the concept of Instagram marketing.


It’s simple! Instagram influencer marketing involves promoting your brand/products through Instagram by working with Instagram Influencers.

These influencers are individuals that influence the opinion or decision making of the entire public.

Let’s examine a scene. You received a flyer from a local restaurant that just opened. And a week later, a close friend of your talked to you about the same local restaurant. Which will influence your decision mostly? I’m sure it’s your friend opinion, right? This is precisely how influencer marketing works. Here is how you can use influencer marketing for your startup growth.


You have probably read all of the stats above and thought, “That sounds great, can’t wait to start!” But before you dive in, you need to compile your strategy which involves approaching an influencer with your proposal. If you have no idea how to do this and want me to help you out find and recruit the perfect influencer for your company click HERE.


Before you approach an influencer, you’ll need an idea of what you want them to help you do. Do you want to build awareness for your brand? Sell more stuff? Be a part of the rollout for your startup’s launch? Without a clear goal in mind, it’s difficult to know if your efforts are successful or not. Detailing what you want to accomplish will also help the influencer create the right type of content to get you there.


You can work with influencers in various ways. This might be based on a one-off promotion basis that usually lasts for a short time, or you may choose a campaign on a long-term basis. This is usually determined by your brand type, and budget.

Long-term campaigns are pretty typical for product launches, events, or just general Instagram Ads.

If you decide to go the long-term partnership route, ensure you get the influencer to commit to a set number of posts per week or month. So you can get more value out of the deal.

After a couple of months working and recruiting influencers to work and create content for B Boxycharm Latinx I've have learned that the best jobs and the best pieces of content comes from the influencers who are honest with what they can deliver.

And to end in a funny side..... don't be de girl on the meme down below lol

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