Covergirl Full Spectrum Collection

After recently hearing about covergirl going 100% cruelty free I've been keeping my eye on them because they have been one of the biggest drug store companies that have revolutionized the market and themself over and over.

Now covergirl just came out with a new line specifically inspired by and developed for women of color and I want it to try it.

The Full Spectrum line, is not only foundation or base products, but the whole shebang: eye shadows, face palettes, primer, lipstick, and liner, all of which were designed to address the personal color needs of people with skin tones on the darker and deeper complexion range.

I did one look first to try the colors and foundation and honestly I was SOOOO SHOOK because my face was snatch and also the quality of the shadows was incredible. Compared to other old covergirl eyeshadows I've tried, these mini palettes with 8 colors each really snatched my wig.

In this video I tested the shadows and the face stuff for the first time.

For the second video I focused on trying again just the face stuff because it was my favorite part of this collection. my opinion about it is down below

sooooooooo time to spill the T!

The face products:

The foundation is SICKENING. It lasted the whole day on my face and it never felt like I was wearing a lot.

I used the concealer but the lighter shade of concealer was basically my same color of my foundation so it didn't really brighten up. I was more like a color corrector for me

The powder are also really good and soft on the skin, I like a lot the size of the pans because I took my biggest brush and did my whole face in like 2 seconds.

The color corrector palette works sickening and I also used it as a cream contour and it worked super fine.


The eyeshadows like I said before are SICKENING, like all of them! the eye pencils was something that kinda disappointed me because it was the only thing in the whole collection I didn't like. Is not that they didn't performed well on me or my skin but I just prefer pencils with a bit smaller point and with more pigment.


The matte lipstick was sickening and I have been using one of the glosses this whole week because they are both really cute. I still haven't tried the liquid lipstick but ill let y'all know later how it performs.

Overall im very impressed with this collection because it shows that brands like covergirl are catering to a whole different audiences who need amazing makeup products with great quality and exceptional prices! I personally loved it and I totally recommend yall to try some of these products for yourself 💕

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