An update on my life- Nov 19

Hey everyone, so its been a while since a wrote a quick update about my life, I am currently in a very positive space and state in my life so I feel like I need take so time to appreciate and write about what going on in my life.

I recently (like over a month ago now) I moved in with my theyfriend Josue! after a couples of weeks of sleeping 6 of the seven days of the week with him I realized that it was time to just get my clothes and just bring it and stay here and thats exactly what I did. after a couple of days I started feeling like a bit strange because I still felt like it was still his place and honestly it felt kinda weird at the beginning because it didn’t feel like my home, but then recently when we spent a full weekend organizing and cleaning the whole house and trowing away the old and putting in the new (my clothes and all my camera shit lol) after that I finally saw the house and it felt like home for me.

Me and Josue are learning about each other every day a bit more and learning to love each other more. I really find it incredible how amazing I feel now that I am living with them, is incredible to feel supported and loved the way I feel right now and its something I have never felt before in this way. ❤️

About my school!!!!! 😱😱 Im so close to graduating! like im legit so done with going back and forward between school and work but I need to finish the couple of classes I have left and just say byeeeee 💁🏻‍♂️

I honestly just want to focus more on my work at Boxycharm (Which btw is going amazing and I am so happy to be doing what I do there) and specially I would like to get back into photography and into creating videos for youtube.

I am going to see SZAAAA!!!! omg im so happy 😱⚠️ im partnering with iii points festival and ill be going to the festival in feb 2019!!! if you want to join me check out

If you would like to get some portraits done by me, slide on my dm's @jonnyonthego and lets plan a shoot!!!😁

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