6 Apps to help you improve your digital content

Wondering how to improve the visual and written content you share on social media?

Are you tired of being a basic bitch and having basic bitch content? well get your phone now and try these 6 apps I use and love cuz im sure they will totally improve your content creation game!

#1: AR Placer Cam

AR Placer Cam is an augmented reality app for iOS that allows you place text or emojis in a video.

As you record, the text or emoji is like an object in your video so viewers see it from different angles as your camera position changes. Similarly, as you move closer to the object or farther away from it, the text or emoji appears bigger or smaller.

You might use this app to add the names of people in your video. Or you could use the app to label booths at a conference. Then the text associated with those people or booths will just appear in the video when they’re visible on-screen.

Before you record, set up all of the text or emojis you want in the video. You can select flat or 3D text, and a few different fonts and colors. You can also rotate the text. Then as you record the video with the app, whatever you placed will appear in the final video.

AR Placer Cam costs $1.99. Search for it in the iOS app store.

#2: Grammarly Keyboard

With Grammarly Keyboard, you can add a native keyboard to your smartphone that helps you check spelling and grammar while you’re on the go.

After you install the Grammarly Keyboard app, you can switch to its native keyboard on your mobile device in the same way you switch to other keyboards (like the one for emojis). The app scans your social posts and emails on mobile for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and so on. This keyboard is a great way to avoid the typos and errors that are easier to make when you’re posting to social media from a mobile device.

After you finish typing your post or comment, switch to Grammarly Keyboard to check everything. When the keyboard scans your text, it’ll say things like, “Did you mean to not …”

Grammarly Keyboard is a free app for both iOS and Android.

#3: SNOW

SNOW is a selfie app that has nothing to do with the weather. With unique augmented reality (AR) features and filters, SNOW is a great app for creating stories on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

Although you can find numerous selfie apps, SNOW has several features that blow the others away. First of all, the facial recognition feature works whether it’s just you or multiple people. This means the AR features (like different faces) can track multiple faces. You can also augment your face with smileys, swap faces, and add other weird or creative effects that help your visuals stand out.

The app’s unique filters replicate different types of analog video or cameras. For instance, the VHS filter shows a date and time, and makes the video a little bit blurry like video shot on a handheld VHS camera from back in the day.

As with many other apps, you can record Instagram Stories as vertical videos or square videos, capture stills, and throw on stickers.

SNOW is free and available for iOS and Android.

#4: Snapseed

Snapseed is an amazing photo editing tool for mobile devices.

With Snapseed, you can not only make basic edits (like cropping, rotating, and adjusting white balance), but also enhance photos with sophisticated tools and effects. With the HDR (high dynamic range) tool, you can make your photo brighter or darker while keeping the full, wide range of colors. The face-enhancement feature adds focus to the eyes and smoothes the skin.

With the face posing tool, you can even correct the pose of a face in a portrait. To use this tool, open a photo from your phone in Snapseed, and the face-posing tool instructs you to touch, hold, and move the face. The face in the photo follows the movement of your finger, so you can change the direction where someone is looking. In the resulting photo, you can’t tell the photo was edited.

You’ll also find lens blurs, a bokeh effect (which blurs the background and keeps the foreground in focus), and healing tools. It’s like Photoshop in an easy-to-use app.

Snapseed is a free tool from Google, which offers online help articles about using the app. You can download it on an iOS or Android device.

#5:YouTube Studio

With the YouTube Studio app, you can access features from the Creator Studio dashboard on your mobile device.

This app is especially helpful for anyone who regularly updates a YouTube channel. When you first log in to YouTube Studio, you see an overview of your analytics, including watch time, views, and subscribers. You can also tap the hamburger menu to access features for managing your videos directly from the app. You can also interact with people who leave comments on your site.

Beyond the basic analytics you see when you log in, the app also has a dedicated analytics component that allows you to see almost every kind of analytics you can imagine.

YouTube Studio is free and available for iOS and Android.

#6: Plover

Plover gives you an easy, cross-platform way to share files with people on the same WiFi network.

To share a file with Plover, visit Plover.io, and you appear as a certain animal, such as a badger or goose. Anyone else on your WiFi who has Plover also appears as an animal. After you select your recipient’s animal, you simply select the file you want to share. You can send a file to multiple people at once, too.

Because Plover is browser-based, it works whether you’re using iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS. For instance, you don’t have to all be using Apple devices, as you do with Apple’s AirDrop. Also, AirDrop has different levels of privacy that make sharing a bit more complicated than Plover does.

Plover says it stores files for transfer temporarily. With that in mind, use caution when sharing files that may contain confidential material. Also, although you could use Plover to share files on a public WiFi network, sharing files on a password-protected network is preferable.

Plover is free and doesn’t require you to sign up. You can simply find someone to share a file with and try

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