4 Grooming Tips For Your 20s That Will Keep You Handsome In Your 30s

You can get away with a lot in your twenties –

like skipping leg day or being the ‘pace-setter’ on boozy nights out – with little to no consequences. When it comes to your grooming regime, however, it’s much harder to be a disaster and emerge unscathed.

“How well you care for your skin at this age directly affects how you look in later life, so it’s important to get it right,” explains grooming expert and professional party-pooper Andy Millward.

For anyone willing to put in the work here’s everything you should do in your twenties to be more handsome in your thirties. Your face will thank you for it.

Understand Your Skin

If you don’t already know your skin type, find out. Like, now.

Using the wrong products at any age won’t just fail to get you results, it can also cause irritation and other nasty face-based issues that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

“In order to look good the skin craves balance, and understanding your complexion is the only way to achieve this,” says Millward. “Using a product designed for dry skin on an oily complexion, for example, will only result in congestion and breakouts.”

Keep It Simple

Here’s the good news: your skin probably looks pretty good right now (congrats, you handsome bitch), and it shouldn’t require an entire chemists’ worth of concoctions to stay that way,

so don’t overcomplicate things.

“In your twenties, it’s not about having a 10-step routine that takes hours to complete, I recommend a simple three-step cleanse, scrub and moisture regime for a daily dose of the Dorian Gray.

Invest In Quality Products

Although it may be tempting to use cheap products when you are younger, this is not always an investment in the long term as many contain harsh chemicals that do more harm than good

That’s not to say there aren’t good and affordable grooming products (and indeed some expensive potions are nothing but snake oil); but as a general rule, anything with an obscure name like ‘ice blast’ has no place in a grown man’s grooming arsenal.

Wherever possible, avoid products packed with parabens (which are thought to negatively affect testosterone levels), phthalates (which have been linked to asthma, cancer and reduced fertility) and alcohol (which is known to dry the skin out).

Always Use Protection

Aside from increasing your risk of skin cancer, UV rays are one of the main causes of premature ageing.

The sun forces collagen to break down at a higher rate than normal, resulting in wrinkles and an uneven skin tone, Protecting against this is single-handedly the most important step in keeping your skin in tip-top health and you looking younger for longer.

So unless you want your face to look like a shar-pei got it on with a raisin, start slathering on a broad spectrum SPF moisturiser every morning (yes, as in 365 days a year, and yes, even when you’re hungover).

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