Why I love Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is the younger sister of renowned designer “Gianni Versace”. Due to Gianni success in fashion industry, Donatella got inspired to become a famous designer. When Gianni established his own company in Milan, Donatella support him and helped in organizing numerous advertising campaigns and fashion shows. For her hard work and determination, he awarded Donatella her own label –Versus, which produces quality and trendy clothing until today.

Unfortunately, Gianni got murdered and Versace Empire experience hard times. Donatella became the creative group and showed her other abilities –public relations. With the help of her celebrity friends like Demi Moore, Madonna, Elton John, and many more, she started to equate Versace name with celebrity in public eye. Through this, Donatella also managed bring Versace line back in the fashion industry and making millions of income again.

In addition, she also use popular models on her catwalk shows to generate press coverage, this tactic that she developed increased visibility of their line and brought unique sensibility to Versace group. Up till now, their label is much more in-tune with modern women while retaining Gianni’s original ethos. In short, Donatella emerged from Gianni’s shadow, and diversified to other field by establishing branded and sophisticated hotels in Dubai and Australia.

Donatella and her former husband Gary Bonaccorso (American Model) have 2 children: daughter Allegra born June 30 1986 and son Daniel born 1990. According to Cathy Horyn who visited their apartment in Milan in 1996 described it as a lavish place. The living room is done using Versace print, feminine and very beautiful home. During that time Donatella was engaged into drugs, and such a heavy smoker. After his brother’s death, Allegra inherited 50 percent of Versace entire stock.

Donatella moved beyond fashion clothing, and expanded horizon to home furnishings and accessories. In fact, the company operates two hotels morphing the family in complete lifestyle brand. She also launched her own fragrance in February 2001 –Versace Women. This fragrance harmoniously combines hints of jasmine leaves and frangipani blossom, eglantine and bergamot.

Due to her passion and hard work, Donatella received major awards. In 2007 her company inducted into Rodeo Drive Walk of Style; and in October of that year, the pop-star Prince given her Fashion Group International Superstar Award. In addition, Versace was nominated for VH1 Do Something with Style Award in 2010 for creating tote bag and providing art supplies to children. Proceeds directly go to ONE Foundations and Starlight.

Furthermore, Donatella regularly impersonated by “Maya Rudolph” on American sketch comedy variety show “Saturday Night Live” on NBC network. Donatella and Rudolph in reality are good friends. Apart from that, she is also being perpetrated as highly exposed user of Power Plate. She had given numerous cameo performances in films relation to industry and fashion like Zoolander. In 2006, “The Devil Wears Prada” her name have been mentioned periodically. Lady Gaga even wrote a song title Donatella from her Artpop Album in 2013. In ABC series “Ügly Betty” (fiction character) called Fabia played by Gina Gershon is a takeoff of Donatella.

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