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Simple Summer Everyday OOTD

  Hello guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!  Today I want it to show this Simple Summer Everyday OOTD as part of a collection of OOTD I will be posting in the future as inspiration for back to school outfits! The shirt is from Banana Republic, the necklace I bought it at the International ...

Summer Picnic OOTD

Although I have been feeling sick recently I still want it to post a outfit I styled for a simple summer day picnic.  With super hot temperatures the less fabric the better, so I decided to only use a simple shirt and shorts both from banana republic and a fedora had to cover up my […]

Piazza Del Popolo Adventures

Piazza del Popolo is a large urban square in Rome. The name in modern Italian literally means “People’s Square”, but historically it derives from the poplars (populus in Latin, pioppo in Italian) after which the church ...

Adventure in Firenze

A couple of weeks ago,me and my friend @carolinampontigo decided to have a different kinda Sunday and go explore a different city! Without much discussion we both decided we should go to Firenze, because of how much art we can see there and also because of how pretty the city is! Check out some ...

Tivoli On The Go✌?️

A few weekends ago me and some gorgeous friends decided to go and have a adventure in a brand new city. We decided to go to Tivoli early morning And come back to rome at night. My first impression walking around the city was that everything was closed( most Italians don’t work on sundays) ...

Turban Miami Style

I Have to admit something, the first time I tried a turban in my life was this past march in miami at @theereal_tj and @anne.petiit house! and that moment literally change my life!!!! I can’t thank @theereal_tj enough because she taught me how to do this and also for posing fiercely!! if ...

My Arde Roma Tattoo Adventure

On my first day in rome, when I took a cab from the airport to my new house I found out was that in the same street of my house there was a tattoo shop! Lucky for me, @ardelromatattoo was less than a 2 minute walk from my house because it became my favorite stop […]

Bye Felicia

Hey everyone! I was scrolling through my photo album and I found this small shoot I did with my bye Felicia OOTD so I decided to create a post of it. I think the best thing about this outfit was not only the fact that it was very comfortable but also the fact that whenever […]

Tips on How to Deal with Toxic Friends

Aside from perfect relationship, most individuals also dream of a great friendship. This is the type of friendship that carries unbreakable commitment. However, at some point in your life, you will realize that even your closest friends can turn out to be your toxic friends. At first, they are ...

5 Reasons to Move to Rome:

1. Italian Food: Over anything else, real Italian food, forget about the taste of the pastas at olive garden and start indulging into real melanzana (Eggplant) lasagna like the one my host mom made for me or like many of the AMAZING pizzas and pasta I have tried here. 2. Your Hair Will Grow ...

White Combination 

Today I want it to show this casual look I came up with one day I had dinner plans with some friends. Using a white polo have recently become my go to whenever I want to use my faux leather white bag from Forever 21. The simplicity of this outfit it’s what make it one […]


As a boy how loves to wear makeup, This 2016 I #standforprogress with @citi by being my true self every time I can, only to inspired other to also feel safe and confident to be their true self! Lipstick?: “Im nude” by @jeffreestar@jeffreestarcosmetics .

Celeste At Night

2 weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing my neighbor/bestfriend/sister’s makeup before she when out to party. So I decided right away to not only beat her face but also to take some photos of her!! Down below the results❤️?? love you veci❤️

Day at Villa Medici

On Sunday morning me and my friends decided to go around rome to check out some of the free museum near our school, sadly for us, the infernal heat of rome was burning us to death all morning and we didn’t make it too far from the school hahaha We then decided to visit Villa […]

Capitol Realness Inspired by Judianna Makovsky

  Hello Everyone!!!! I got inspired by the creations of the costume designer for the Hunger Games movies  Judianna Makovsky. I did my research on her and really loved how she mixes creativity and darkness into fashion just like Mcqueen did. I decided to spin the ideas she had fir the ...

Green Thrifted #OOTD

  Hey Everyone, For Today’s OOTD I was challenged on my Styling Class to create a whole outfit that i got for less than 40$ from a thrift Store. Of course I was super happy about this because I love shopping and I love sales! I visited Out Of The Closet Thrift Store and I got this ...

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