My Photoshoot for Paper Magazine and Posture Magazine

2017 was a very eventful year for everyone, but before this year ends I want it to create a quick recap of one of my favorite moments of the year!

On a normal day of February I received and email from winter, the editor of posture magazine, saying that she was organizing a Photoshoot to showcase queer people on a futuristic setting in society and that she would like to have me being part of this! When I saw that mail I literally couldn’t stop crying and shaking because I wasn’t expecting something like this to happen to me, specially without me having any idea about this project!

For me this Photoshoot represented a huge opportunity to show who I really am in the world but it also became a family problem because of my family’s views of how I should be or perform in life.

After figuring out the money and the travel accommodations I needed to go to Brooklyn for the weekend I started packing my most sickening looks to bring to this shoot!!!

To my surprise, as soon as I walked on set that day I saw the gorgeous Carmen carrera!!!! And of course I couldn’t wait to cry in front of her and tell her how much I love her

Check down below some photos with my look and all the credits of everyone who worked on this amazing photoshoot!! Special thanks to winter for including me in this great project and to ryan burke for capturing those amazing photos and to the whole team who worked that day! This is my most precious memory of this year and so far one of my biggest accomplishments in life.

Producer and Editor in Chief = Winter Mendelson / @winter.e.m

Interviewer/Writer and Arts Editor = Maya Harder Montoya @mayaceleste

Photographer = Ryan Burke / @ryburk of Kreative Kommune / @kreativekommune

Senior Photo Director = Asher Torres / @ashertorresphotography

Photo Director = Ryan Bevans / @ryanbevans

Set Designer = Mo Pepin / @mostafapep

Stylist and Fashion Director = Phil Gomez / @styledbyphil

Assistant Stylist = Paris Roman / @guncleparis

Hair = Liz Wright @thelizwright and Natalie López de Quintana @duchessnatalia

Makeup = Katie Robinson @misskatiepage and Raisa Thomas @raisaflowers

Editorial Assistants = Christoph Farrukh @christofuhr and Jeremiah Corley @jeremiahtcorley

Location = Be Electric Studio / @beelectricstudio .

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