Hi everyone!!!

Over the past years, there have been many opportunities whenever I tell someone that I work as a blogger/content creator that people tell me they want to also do the same thing.

I always reply with ” YES DO IT!!!” because I believe that blogging online is the most personal way of growing as individuals while exploring our passions and opportunities the internet brings us.

To all the people who have no idea what to do… This is my little piece of help for you!!!but also if you have some idea and want to have some more order you will also love this!

I created a couple of tools I used myself for a couple of years now that help me in my path in life as a blogger and content creator, these tools are FREE down below!!

These tools are very self-explanatory but if you have any kind of question don’t hesitate to hit me up on any social media or by email at info@jonnyonthego.com